Want a FREE no-obligation Digital Performance Audit?

For a limited time, fiacuity are offering FREE digital performance audits to sports clubs that want to better measure their digital marketing performance. Our digital performance audits will analyse and provide recommendations for your social media activity, website, iOS/Android applications and e-commerce/merchandise sites online.

Why undertake a Digital Performance Audit?

  • Gain a holistic overview of all of your 2017/2018 performance so far across all of your digital marketing channels
  • Better understand the return-on-investment for campaigns and your overall digital strategy
  • Find out how your competitors are performing and how you compare
  • Historical growth analysis for your social media channels as well as forecasted projections for the next 12 months
  • Ideal for end-of-year reporting – reliable, independent & in-depth
  • Receive strategic channel recommendations on how to improve activity, not just data analysis

Examples of our Insight